What is Laser Etching?

Laser engraving, with regard to etching on stone, is a process of removing the polished surface with a Co2 laser and permanently etching into the natural exposed material depending on the parameters of the image. In more simple terms, laser etching, or laser engraving, is the practice of using lasers to engrave on stone or other materials. In this case, we’re focusing on granite monuments. The great thing about laser etching is that it allows you to produce realistic photo-like images, just like a conventional laser printer, but better and more precise, which is especially useful when working with granite monuments and headstones.

When laser engraving on granite, the surface of the polished stone is removed by the laser beam resulting in high resolution, high detail, and most of all, high-quality artwork. The best contrast will be achieved when engraving on black granite which produces a black and white grayscale photoengraving. A laser engraving on a granite monument will last as long as the polish on the stone, which is typically hundreds of years. Talk about a lifetime warranty!