About Gompf Monuments

We at Gompf Monuments believe that life matters. Headstones and monuments serve as an important piece of history that marks the life and memory of a loved one that has passed. The main purpose of a monument is to mark where the soul has gone to rest. We feel the monument should be a reflection of the life of your loved one. The message you engrave is important, but just as important is the material you choose to use. It is our desire to help you create a loving and lasting monument that is a tribute to your loved one. We will not pressure or hurry you to make a decision regarding this tribute. We are simply here to provide a lasting and affordable monument. When you are finally ready to erect your beautiful tribute, rest assured it will last a lifetime and tell a story others will want to remember.

We strive to provide quality memorials to families at an affordable cost. Our monuments can be as simple as a person wants but we also offer fully custom memorials created specifically for a persons taste. We also offer a full line of pet markers for your four legged companions.